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Interesting peaople at your location in real time.


Pictures and texts to the event feed.

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Your city, events or places around you.

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Sporting Events

Campaign Rallies

Peaceful Protests

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Event Host has ability to broadcast messages to every user at the location, making it a very useful marketing tool to promote subsequent events or merchandise.

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What is Hia?

Hia is a social network platform for Events, gatherings and cities

How does it work?

Easy, Hia finds events in your current location, you check In, and have access to everyone at your event. Hia also has a live feed that lets everyone at your event post texts and pictures which are forwarded to you, the event host at then end of the event.

Feature Description

Hia is a social network platform for events, large gatherings and cities. The Hia app serves as a tool to immediately and efficiently reach each individual with common interests at a gathering; Wether it be a party, flashmob, conference, or sporting event.

Feature Description

Let’s take for Instance, a political candidate holds a rally, thousands of supporters show up to support their candidate. There goes thousands of potential donors at a single location. How does this candidate capitalize on it and reach out to these potential donors to solicit donations? Consider another scenario. You decide to visit a nightclub for some evening entertainment. There is a hefty cover at the door. How do you justify paying that to get into a club, when you have no idea what’s going on inside? You walk into a restaurant, you see an attractive person, but can't muster the courage to walk up to her and start a conversation. You are at an Industry conference, you spot a very important person, but you need to be sure before you make an approach, hopefully, its not the wrong person.

Feature Description Title

Hia is a social network that lets the user check into events or places in their immediate surrounding. The user can view all other users checked into the same location. They can also view their public profile or request to message them. Users checked into that location can also post pictures and texts to the feed of that location. Locations are either based on geolocations or custom created by an event Host.

Feature Description Title

Custom locations can be created for custom events. When a custom location is created, it is done based on a given physical location and time of event by the host. At the given time, the custom location is launched at the given physical address. This location is accessible to everyone in that geographic area. The event host has the ability to mass message every user checked into that location in form of a push notification. At the end of the event, the feed is forwarded to the event host. This custom location gives users with common interest a platform to interact with each other.

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How it works


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